Engage Your Audience

By reaching out to your desired market with audience targeting and a set of rich Ad click action types

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Monetize Your Apps

With the AdGAC SDK you can start monetizing your Apps in a few simple steps

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Personalize Your Experience

The AdGAC control allows you to personalize the Ad experience by allowing you to specify what is of greater interest to you

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About us

AdGAC delivers rich Ad content to users of Windows Phone 7 applications. We are committed to providing the Advertiser, Developer and End User communities a rich and personalised advertising experience targeting the Australian Audience. We take great pride in providing you with a quality service and working together to achieve the best results for all parties.

AdGAC is Live

AdGAC is currently up and running a Closed (invite only) Beta. If you are an Advertiser or Developer/Publisher and are interested in our service or participating we would love to hear from you. Please use the following links

The AdGAC Ad Control demo application is Now available

We have put together a small application to demonstrate the AdGAC Ad Control in a Windows Phone 7 Application. This application is available through Microsoft Marketplace here and is distributing live advertisements to users of the application.